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r509 by reaperhulk

r509 is a Ruby gem built using OpenSSL that is designed to ease management of a public key infrastructure. The r509 API facilitates easy creation of CSRs, signing (and parsing!) of certificates, revocation (CRL/OCSP), and much more. Together with projects like r509-ocsp-responder and r509-ca-http it is intended to be a complete (RFC 3280/5280) certificate authority for use in production environments


View the yardoc documentation for all your needs!


You can learn how to get up and running with the r509-ca howto.


The r509 organization on GitHub contains all the projects that make up r509. The main gems are:


Please report any bugs or feature requests on the GitHub issues page.


Apache 2.0


Paul Kehrer (@reaperhulk)
Sean Schulte (@sirsean)
Mike Ryan (@justfalter)


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